Innovium makes high performance products from renewable raw materials. By combining “Green Chemistry” with nature, Innovium is able to transform these renewable feed stocks into useful highly functionalized finished products. Innovium’s water soluble polymer products are being launched into a number of value added markets from agriculture to personal care. These products will reduce our dependency on petro-chemically derived products while providing the functionality end users have become accustomed to. Innovium’s products are designed to work in harmony with nature, and represent a significant advancement in the field of water soluble polymer science.

Company History:
Innovium, a privately owned company, was founded in 2002 by former Monsanto executive Mark A. Hochwalt and C. Steven Sikes Ph.D. Dr. Sikes is the inventor of the patented water-based Aquerin™ technology, which is one of two platform chemistries used for Innovium products. Our corporate office is located in St. Louis, MO.

Winner! USDA’s Small Business Innovator Grant 2002
Winner! Washington University Olin Cup Entrepreneurship Top Investment Award 2003
Winner! Business News Update 50 in Focus Award 2nd Quarter, 2004 – 11th place

      Innovium Launches SoilSentry – Spring 2006

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